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The 17th of the Mediterranean Games will take place in Mersin and Adana through June 20-30, 2013.

2013 Mersin XVII Mediterranean Games
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Held every four years to ensure cultural and social connection among Mediterranean nations, and considered the second most important sports event after the Olympics, the 17th of the Mediterranean Games will take place in Mersin and Adana through June 20-30, 2013.
Thanks to this regional games, athletes of different cultures, religions, races and languages, meet in the ideal of Olympics.
Short History:
Egypt’s Olympic Committee President and Deputy President of the International Olympic Committee Mohammed Taher Pasha, who is of Turkish origin, is considered the father of the Mediterranean Games. In the aftermath of the London Olympic Games of 1948, he came up with the idea of bringing together a number of countries sharing common thoughts.
His project was translated into life after the Second World War. The first of the Mediterranean Games was organized in Alexandria city of Egypt through October 15-20, 1951; only three years after Muhammed Taher Pasha put forward his proposal. 734 athletes from 10 countries competed in 13 categories.
Having taken part in all Mediterranean Games since its inception, Turkey hosted the 6th Games in its beautiful city of İzmir in 1971.
The cities that played host to the Mediterranean Games so far are as follows;
1. Alexandria (Egypt) 1951
2. Barcelona (Spain) 1955
3. Beirut (Lebanon) 1959
4. Naples (Italy) 1963
5. Tunis (Tunisia) 1967
6. İzmir (Turkey) 1971
7. Algiers (Algeria) 1975
8. Split (Yugoslavia) 1979
9. Casablanca (Morocco) 1983
10. Latakia (Syria) 1987
11. Athens (Greece) 1991
12. Languedoc-Roussillon (France) 1993
13. Bari (Italy) 1997
14. Tunis (Tunisia) 2001
15. Almeria (Spain) 2005
16. Pescara (Italy) 2009
More than three thousand athletes from 24 countries are expected to compete in 32 categories in the 17th of the Games to be held in Turkey. 52 facilities will serve the athletes and all foreign guests as part of the XVII Mediterranean Games. 11 of these vewnues are newly built. The opening and closing ceremonies of the Games will be held at the Mersin Stadium, which has a capacity of 25 thousand people.
The records set by Turkish athletes in the Mediterranean Games are as follows:
*Turkish athlete Serap Aktaş holds the Games record in women’s marathon at 2h 38m 22s.
*In weightlifting, five Turkish athletes each in men’s and women’s category hold Olympic records in different bodyweight categories and lifts.
*In the Olympic medal count standings, Turkey, with 637 medals, is at fourth place, after Italy, France and Spain.
Logo and Mascot
The logo of the International Committee of Mediterranean Games consists of three rings representing Asia, Africa and Europe, the three continents involved in this competition. The rings dissolve in a wavy line in their lower part, as if they were immersed in the Mediterranean Sea. The logo is used since the 1979 Games held in Split. Official languages of the International Committee of Mediterranean Games are French, English and Arabic.
The logo designed for the 2013 Mersin XVII Mediterranean Games consists of elements representing Mersin and the Mediterranean Sea. Caretta Caretta turtle in the logo, symbolizes friendship and the Mediterranean, while orange, representing citrus fruits, and Sun reflect the Mediterranean and Mersin’s climate.
The mascot of the Games is a standing Caretta Caretta turtle, and its name is Caretta.
TRT, Official Broadcaster of the Games
As the official broadcaster of the 17th Mediterranean Games, Turkish Radio and Television Corporation will broadcast live the opening and closing ceremonies, on-site interviews, highlights of competitions and programs featuring special guests and topics.
TRT will also organize various workshops for volunteers, who will work during the Mediterranean Games, and be selected among students of Communication Faculty of Mersin University.

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Ceceli, Mersin excited

2013 Mediterranean Games in Mersin, scene of the famous singer Mustafa Ceceli part of the events, Mersin fans an unforgettable party night.

Martyrs have been canceled because of Mustafa Ceceli concert June 20 in 2012, this evening met with fans in Mersin. About 4 thousand people watched the concert took place in Mersin Cumhuriyet Square. Concert 'Es' songs, starting with Mustafa Ceceli during the night, 'Carnation', 'sickness and health', 'Crying Rain', 'would not be without you', 'skins Choice', 'Pause', 'Back', 'I can not forget' sang songs .

Concert follows at about 4 thousand people, Mustafa Ceceli'ye often accompanied by songs. In addition, thousands of people attending a concert phones and cameras immortalized the moment of the concert. Speaking at the end of the concert which lasted about 2.5 hours Mustafa Ceceli, the organizer thanked everyone. Ceceli said that this concert within the context of the Mediterranean Games, "243 days after the 2013 Mediterranean Games will be hosted in Mersin. On this occasion your huzurundayız. Begin counting down from friends. 24 countries, 32 branches will be competitions. So let's say that 32 medals. Bronze, silver, gold medal in 32 say it does not matter, but we need your support to get this medal. I also congratulate his friends volunteered for the Mediterranean Games. I wish you success already in our country, "he said.

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All-time medal table 1951-2009

Participating countries

At present, 23 countries participate in the games:[1]

Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia
Asia: Lebanon and Syria
Europe: Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey
National Olympic Committees within the Olympic Movement bordering the Mediterranean Sea which are not permitted to participate are Israel and Palestine. It has been claimed that the exclusion of Israel is driven by both political motivation and antisemitic prejudice.[2]

There are countries not bordering the Mediterranean Sea which nonetheless participate: Andorra, San Marino and Serbia.

The Hellenic Olympic Committee has suggested that nine more countries that do not satisfy geographic criteria to be allowed to participate, such as Bulgaria, Macedonia, Portugal and some Arab countries

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Mediterranean Games

The Mediterranean Games are a multi-sport games held every four years, mainly for nations bordering the Mediterranean Sea, where Europe, Africa and Asia meet. The idea was proposed at the 1948 Summer Olympics by Muhammed Taher Pasha, chairman of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, and they were first held in 1951. The first 10 games took place always one year preceding the Olympics. However, from 1993 on, they were held the year following the Olympic games.

The Games were inaugurated on October 1951, in Alexandria, Egypt, in honour of Muhammed Taher Pasha, the man to whom their inspiration is owed, with contests being held in 13 sports along with the participation of 734 athletes from 10 countries. Ever since, they take place every 4 years without any interruption. In 1955, in Barcelona, during the II Games, the set up was decided of a Supervisory and Controlling Body for the Games, a kind of Executive Committee. The decisions were finally materialized on June 16, 1961, and the said Body was named, upon a Greek notion, ICMG (International Committee for the Mediterranean Games).